thermo steel bottle dino 500ml Expand

thermo steel bottle dino 500ml

Saro Saro

22,90 €


Grech & Co. reusable stainless steel food jars are highly durable and offer an integrated 2 in 1 snack and food option. The minimalist design and signature colors, combined with hot and cold thermo function, makes these consciously created thermo jars ideal for adults and children alike!

350 ml

More details

- Vacuum insulated stainless steel jar
- Upper portion designated for snacks and toppings such as fruits, granola, sauces, etc...
- Lower portion designated for temperature sensitive items to keep hot contents hot and cold contents cold
- Keeps contents cold for over 24 hours
- Keeps contents hot for over 12 hours
- 100% Food Grade
- 304 Stainless Steel, Silicone, Tritan®; Eco Friendly Materials Only
- Consciously designed for use by adult and child alike


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